AnotherRedisDesktopManager 一款比较稳定简洁的 redis UI 工具。

Medis MacOS 中比较好的Redis 图形化客户端工具。



带有 标识的客户端为该语言的推荐客户端。

带有 标识的表示最近6个月内官方仓库有更新的客户端。


Redis-AS3 An as3 client library for redis.


Redis COM client A COM wrapper for StackExchange.Redis that allows using Redis from a COM environment like Classic ASP (ASP 3.0) using vbscript, jscript or any other COM capable language.


Redi.sh Simple, Bash-based, Redis client to store your script's variables
redis-client extensible client library for Bash scripting or command-line + connection pooling + redis-cli


Redis Connector for Dell Boomi A custom connector for Dell Boomi that utilizes the lettuce.io Java client to add Redis client support to the Dell Boomi iPaaS.


eredis Fast and light Redis C client library extending Hiredis: thread-safe, write replication, auto-reconnect, sync pool, async libev
hiredis This is the official C client. Support for the whole command set, pipelining, event driven programming.
hiredis-cluster This is an updated fork of hiredis-cluster, the C client for Redis Cluster, with added TLS and AUTH support, decoupling hiredis as an external dependency, leak corrections and improved testing.
hiredis-vip This was the original C client for Redis Cluster. Support for synchronous and asyncronous APIs, MSET/MGET/DEL, pipelining. Built around an outdated version of hiredis.
hiredispool Provides connection pooling and auto-reconnect for hiredis. It is also minimalistic and easy to do customization.
libredis Support for executing commands on multiple servers in parallel via poll(2), ketama hashing. Includes PHP bindings.


BeetleX.Redis A high-performance async/non-blocking redis client components for dotnet core, default support json and protobuf data format
csredis Async (and sync) client for Redis and Sentinel
FreeRedis This .NET client supports redis6.0+, cluster, sentinel, pipeline, And simple api.
NewLife.Redis The high-performance redis client supports .NETCORE/.NET4.0/.NET4.5, which is specially optimized for big data and message queuing. The average daily call volume of single online application is 10 billion
Nhiredis A lightweight wrapper around the C client hiredis.
redisboost Thread-safe async Redis client. Offers high performance and simple api
Rediska Rediska is a Redis client for .NET with a focus on flexibility and extensibility.
ServiceStack.Redis This is a fork and improvement of the original C# client written by Miguel De Icaza.
Sider Minimalistic client for C#/.NET 4.0
StackExchange.Redis This .NET client was developed by Stack Exchange for very high performance needs (replacement to the earlier BookSleeve).
TeamDev Redis Client Redis Client is based on redis-sharp for the basic communication functions, but it offers some differences.


acl-redis Standard C++ Redis Client with high performance and stl-like interface, supporting Redis Cluster, thread safety
aedis An async redis client designed for simplicity and reliability.
async-redis An async redis library for C++ based on libevpp/boost-asio
bredis Boost::ASIO low-level redis client
C++ Client
c+redis+client A redis client based on hiredis, supports cluster/pipeline and is thread safe and includes two files only. The transaction is on the way:)
cpp_redis C++11 Lightweight Redis client: async, thread-safe, no dependency, pipelining, multi-platform.
FlyRedis C++ Redis Client, base on Boost.asio, Easy To Use
qredisclient Asynchronous Qt-based Redis client with SSL and SSH tunnelling support.
r3c Redis Cluster C++ Client, based on hiredis, support password and standalone, it's easy to make and use, not depends on C++11 or later.
redis-cpp redis-cpp is a library in C++17 for executing Redis commands with support of the pipelines and publish / subscribe pattern
redis-plus-plus This is a Redis client, based on hiredis and written in C++11. It supports scritpting, pub/sub, pipeline, transaction, Redis Cluster, Redis Sentinel, connection pool, ACL, SSL and thread safety.
redis3m A C++ wrapper of hiredis, with also connection pooling, high availability and ready-to-use patterns
redisclient A C++ asynchronous client based on boost::asio
redox Modern, asynchronous, and fast C++11 client for Redis
SimpleRedisClient Simple Redis client for C++
soce-redis Based on hiredis, accesses the sever(single, sentinel, cluster) with the same interface, supports pipeline and async(by coroutine)
wiredis Standalone, asynchronous Redis client library based on ::boost::asio and c++11 standard
xredis Redis C++ client with data slice storage, Redis cluster, connection pool, master replica connection, read/write separation; requires hiredis only


carmine Simple, high-performance Redis (2.0+) client for Clojure.

Common Lisp



crystal-redis Full featured, high performance Redis client for Crystal
mini_redis A light-weight low-level Redis client for Crystal


Tiny Redis A Redis client for D2. Supports pipelining, transactions and Lua scripting


dartis A Redis client for Dart 2
DartRedisClient A high-performance async/non-blocking Redis client for Dart
dedis Simple Redis Client for Dart
IRedis A redis client for Dart
redis Simple and fast client


delphiredisclient A Delphi Redis Client


exredis Redis client for Elixir.
redix Superfast, pipelined, resilient Redis client written in pure Elixir.

emacs lisp

eredis Full Redis API plus ways to pull Redis data into an org-mode table and push it back when edited


ecredis Redis Cluster client that allows for connections to multiple clusters. Queries are send directly to eredis clients allowing for large throughput.
Eredis Redis client with a focus on performance
Eredis (Nordix fork) An updated fork of eredis, adding TLS and various corrections and testing
eredis_cluster Eredis wrapper providing cluster support and connection pooling
eredis_cluster (Nordix fork) An updated fork of eredis_cluster (providing cluster support and connection pooling), with added TLS support, ASK redirects, various corrections and testing


redis.fy A Fancy Redis client library


gawk-redis Gawk extension, using the hiredis C library. Supports pipelining and pub/sub

GNU Prolog

gnuprolog-redisclient Simple Redis client for GNU Prolog in native Prolog, no FFI, libraries etc.


Go-Redis Google Go Client and Connectors for Redis.
go-redis/redis Redis client for Golang supporting Redis Sentinel and Redis Cluster out of the box.
go-resp3 A Redis Go client implementation based on the Redis RESP3 protocol.
godis A Redis client for Go.
godis redis client implement by golang, inspired by jedis.
gore A full feature redis Client for Go. Supports Pipeline, Transaction, LUA scripting, Pubsub, Connection Pool, Sentinel and client sharding
goredis A redis client for golang with full features
gosexy/redis Redis client library for Go that maps the full redis command list into equivalent Go functions.
Radix MIT licensed Redis client which supports pipelining, pooling, redis cluster, scripting, pub/sub, scanning, and more.
Redigo Redigo is a Go client for the Redis database with support for Print-alike API, Pipelining (including transactions), Pub/Sub, Connection pooling, scripting.
Redis clean, fully asynchronous, high-performance, low-memory
RedisGo-Async RedisGo-Async is a Go client for Redis, both asynchronous and synchronous modes are supported,,its API is fully compatible with redigo.
RedisPipe RedisPipe is the high-throughput Go client with implicit pipelining and robust Cluster support.
shipwire/redis A Redis client focused on streaming, with support for a print-like API, pipelining, Pub/Sub, and connection pooling.
Tideland Go Redis Client A flexible Go Redis client able to handle all commands


hedis Supports the complete command set and cluster. Commands are automatically pipelined for high performance.






aredis Asynchronous, pipelined client based on the Java 7 NIO Channel API
java-redis-client A very simple yet very complete java client in less than 200 lines with 0 dependencies.
Jedis A blazingly small and sane Redis Java client
lettuce Advanced Redis client for thread-safe sync, async, and reactive usage. Supports Cluster, Sentinel, Pipelining, and codecs.
redis-protocol Up to 2.6 compatible high-performance Java, Java w/Netty & Scala (finagle) client
RedisClient redis client GUI tool
Redisson distributed and scalable Java data structures on top of Redis server
vertx-redis-client The Vert.x Redis client provides an asynchronous API to interact with a Redis data-structure server.
viredis A simple and small redis client for java.


Jedis.jl A lightweight Redis client, implemented in Julia.
Redis.jl A fully-featured Redis client for the Julia programming language


lasso-redis High performance Redis client for Lasso, supports pub/sub and piping.


lredis Redis library for Lua
lua-hiredis Lua bindings for the hiredis library


redis-octave A Redis client in pure Octave


mruby-hiredis Redis Client for mruby with Async support, pipelines and transactions
mruby-redis Redis class for mruby based on Hiredis


redis Redis client for Nim
redisclient Redis client for Nim


@camaro/redis Redis client for node, support resp2/3 and redis6.
fast-redis-cluster Simple and fast cluster driver with error handling, uses redis-fast-driver as main adapter and node_redis as backup for windows
handy-redis A wrapper around node_redis with Promise and TypeScript support.
ioredis A delightful, performance-focused and full-featured Redis client. Supports Cluster, Sentinel, Pipelining and Lua Scripting
node-redis Recommended client for node.
Noderis A fast, standalone Redis client without external dependencies. It can be used with callbacks, Promises and async-await as well at the same time. Clean, well designed and documented source code. Because of this supports code completion (WebStorm/PHPStorm).
rebridge Rebridge is a transparent Javascript-Redis bridge. It creates JavaScript objects that are automatically synchronized to a Redis database. (Requires Node 6)
redis-fast-driver Driver based on hiredis async lib, can do PUBSUB and MONITOR, simple and really fast, written with NaN so works fine with node >=0.8
redis-node-client No longer maintained, does not work with node 0.3.
spade ♠ Spade, a full-featured modular client for node.
tedis Tedis is a redis client developed for Node.js . Its name was inspired by the Jedis and TypeScript.
then-redis A small, promise-based Redis client for node
thunk-redis A thunk/promise-based redis client with pipelining and cluster.
xredis Redis client with redis ACL features
yoredis A minimalistic Redis client using modern Node.js.


ObjCHiredis Static Library for iOS4 device and Simulator, plus Objective-C Framework for MacOS 10.5 and higher
RedisKit RedisKit is a asynchronious client framework for Redis server, written in Objective-C


ocaml-redis Synchronous and asynchronous (via Lwt) Redis client library in OCaml. Provides implementation of cache and mutex helpers.
redis-async A Redis client for OCaml Async applications with a strongly-typed API and client tracking support.


delphi-redis A lightweight Redis client written in Delphi
delphiredisclient Redis client for Delphi
redis_client.fpc Object Pascal client implementation for the redis protocol and commands


AnyEvent::Hiredis Non-blocking client using the hiredis C library
AnyEvent::Redis Non-blocking Redis client
AnyEvent::RipeRedis Flexible non-blocking Redis client
AnyEvent::RipeRedis::Cluster Non-blocking Redis Cluster client
Danga::Socket::Redis An asynchronous redis client using the Danga::Socket async library
Mojo::Redis asynchronous Redis client for Mojolicious
Redis Perl binding for Redis database
Redis::Cluster Redis Cluster client for Perl
Redis::ClusterRider Daring Redis Cluster client
Redis::Fast Perl binding for Redis database
Redis::hiredis Perl binding for the hiredis C client
RedisDB Perl binding for Redis database with fast XS-based protocolparser


amphp/redis An async redis client built on the amp concurrency framework.
cheprasov/php-redis-client Supported PHP client for Redis. PHP ver 5.5 - 7.4 / REDIS ver 2.6 - 6.0
Credis Lightweight, standalone, unit-tested fork of Redisent which wraps phpredis for best performance if available.
PHP Redis implementation / wrapper Simple and lightweight redis implementation. Basically wrapper for raw redis commands.
PHP Sentinel Client A PHP sentinel client acting as an extension to your regular redis client
phpredis This is a client written in C as a PHP module.
Predis Mature and supported
redis-async Asynchronous redis client library for PHP.
Yampee Redis A full-featured Redis client for PHP 5.2. Easy to use and to extend.


oredis Redis client library for Oracle PL/SQL. This support Redis cluster and asynchronous execution


Redis library for SWI-Prolog Prolog redis client that exploits SWI-Prolog's extensions such as strings for compact replies and threads to deal with publish/subscribe.

Pure Data

Puredis Pure Data Redis sync, async and subscriber client


aioredis Asyncio (PEP 3156) Redis client
aredis An efficient and user-friendly async redis client ported from redis-py.
asyncio_redis Asynchronous Redis client that works with the asyncio event loop
brukva Asynchronous Redis client that works within Tornado IO loop
gxredis Simple redis-py wrapper library
Pottery High level Pythonic dict, set, and list like containers around Redis data types (Python 3 only)
Pypredis A client focused on arbitrary sharding and parallel pipelining.
pyredis Python Client with support for Redis Cluster. Currently only Python 3 is supported.
redis-py Mature and supported. Currently the way to go for Python.
redis-py-cluster Python cluster client for the official redis cluster. Redis 3.0+.
redisca2 Lightweight ORM for Redis
redisio A tiny and fast redis client for script boys.
tornadis Async minimal redis client for tornado ioloop designed for performances (use C hiredis parser)
txredisapi Full featured, non-blocking client for Twisted.
walrus Lightweight Python utilities for working with Redis.


RcppRedis R interface to Redis using the hiredis library.
RedisCli Basic client passing a (batch of) command(s) to redis-cli, getting back a (list of) character vector(s).
Redux Provides a low-level interface to Redis, allowing execution of arbitrary Redis commands with almost no interface.
rredis Redis client for R


Rackdis A Redis client for Racket
redis-racket A Redis client for Racket.


prot-redis Redis network scheme for Rebol 3


em-hiredis An EventMachine Redis client (uses hiredis).
em-redis An eventmachine-based implementation of the Redis protocol. No longer actively maintained.
oxblood Straightforward Ruby client.
redic Lightweight Redis Client
redis-cluster Redis cluster client on top of redis-rb. Support pipelining.
redis-rb Very stable and mature client. Install and require the hiredis gem before redis-rb for maximum performance.


redis-client A Redis client library for Rust.
redis-rs A high and low level client library for Redis tracking Rust nightly.
redisclient Redis client for Rust.
rust-redis A Rust client library for Redis.


Brando A Redis client written with the Akka IO package introduced in Akka 2.2.
finagle-redis Redis client based on Finagle
laserdisc Future free Fs2 native pure FP Redis client http://laserdisc.io
monix-connect Monix integration with Redis
Redis4Cats Purely functional Redis client for Cats Effect & Fs2
rediscala A Redis client for Scala (2.10+) and (AKKA 2.2+) with non-blocking and asynchronous I/O operations.
RedisClient A no nonsense Redis Client using pure scala. Preserves elegant Redis style without any need to learn any special API
scala-redis Non-blocking, netty 4.1.x based Scala Redis client
scala-redis Apparently a fork of the original client from @alejandrocrosa
scredis Non-blocking, ultra-fast Scala Redis client built on top of Akka IO, used in production at Livestream
sedis a thin scala wrapper for the popular Redis Java client, Jedis
spark-redis A connector between Apache Spark and Redis.


guile-redis A Redis client for Guile
redis-client A Redis client for Chicken Scheme 4.7


Smalltalk Redis Client


PSSRedisClient Swift redis client using the CocoaAsyncSocket library, installable via Cocoapods
Redbird Pure-Swift implementation of a Redis client from the original protocol spec (OS X + Linux compatible)
Redis Redis client for Swift. OpenSwift C7 Compliant, OS X and Linux compatible.
RediStack Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for Redis built with SwiftNIO for all official Swift deployment environments.
Swidis iOS Framework Allowing you to connect to Redis server with Swift programming language.
SwiftRedis Basic async client for Redis in Swift (iOS)
UniRedis Redis client for Swift on macOS and Linux, capable of pipelining and transactions, with transparent support for authentication and sentinel.


Retcl Retcl is an asynchronous, event-driven Redis client library implemented as a single-file Tcl module.
Tcl Client The client used in the Redis test suite. Not really full featured nor designed to be used in the real world.


vRedis Redis client using VB.NET.


libvmod-redis Varnish Cache module using the synchronous hiredis library API to access Redis servers from VCL.


Redis_MTC A Xojo library to connect to a Redis server.


OkRedis OkRedis is a zero-allocation client for Redis 6+

Higher level libraries and tools

This is an additional list of libraries that are not direct layers on top of the Redis API, but higher level libraries such as ORMs, messaging libraries, and other misc tools that are designed for Redis.

Resque Repository defunkt Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later. (Ruby)
Rq Repository nvie Minimalistic Python task queue. Supports only Redis. (Python)
Celery Repository asksol Python task queue. Supports multiple backends. (Python)
Fnordmetric Repository paulasmuth Redis/ruby-based realtime Event-Tracking app. (Ruby)
Ohm Repository soveran Object-hash mapping library for Redis. (Ruby)
Kombu Repository Python AMQP Framework with Redis support (Python)
Sider Repository hongminhee Python persistent object library based on Redis. (Python)
readis Repository Homepage hollodotme Lightweight web frontend in PHP for reading data, stats and config from multiple Redis servers. (PHP)
Redis-objects Repository nateware Map Redis types directly to Ruby objects. (Ruby)
Redisco Repository iamteem Loose implementation of Ohm in Python (see above for Ohm project) - Warning: Not actively maintained at the moment. (Python)
Redis-rdb-tools Repository srithedabbler Parse Redis dump.rdb files, Analyze Memory, and Export Data to JSON. (Python)
Redily Homepage stefano_arnone An intuitive, cross-platform Redis GUI Client built in Electron. (Javascript)
AnotherRedisDesktopManager Repository qii404 🚀🚀🚀A faster, better and more stable redis desktop manager. What's more, it won't crash when loading a large number of keys. (Javascript)
Rdb-parser Repository pconstr node.js asynchronous streaming parser for Redis RDB database dumps. (Javascript)
Redis-sync Repository pconstr A node.js Redis replication toolkit (Javascript)
Ost Repository soveran Redis based queues and workers. (Ruby)
Meerkat Repository carlhoerberg Rack middleware for Server Sent Events with multiple backends. (Ruby)
Redis-sampler Repository antirez Sample a Redis DB to understand dataset composition. (Ruby)
Recommendify Repository paulasmuth Ruby/Redis based recommendation engine (collaborative filtering). (Ruby)
Redis-store Repository jodosha Namespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web frameworks. (Ruby)
Redmon Repository steel_thread A web interface for managing Redis: cli, admin, and live monitoring. (Ruby)
Rollout Repository jamesgolick Conditionally roll out features with Redis. (Ruby)
Webdis Repository Homepage yowgi A Redis HTTP interface with JSON output. (C)
Soulmate Repository seatgeek Redis-backed service for fast autocompleting. (Ruby)
Redis_failover Repository ryanlecompte Redis Failover is a ZooKeeper-based automatic master/replica failover solution for Ruby. (Ruby)
Redis-dump Repository solutious Backup and restore your Redis data to and from JSON. Warning: alpha code. (Ruby)
Sidekiq Repository mperham Simple, efficient message processing for your Rails 3 application. (Ruby)
Omhiredis Repository taotetek Redis output plugin for rsyslog (rsyslog dev, and rsyslog head). (C)
Mod_redis Repository An Apache HTTPD module for speaking to Redis via HTTP (C)
leaderboard Repository czarneckid Leaderboards backed by Redis. (Ruby)
Redis-rdb Repository JoL1hAHN A set of utilities to handle Redis .rdb files with Ruby. (Ruby)
Lua-ohm Repository Lua Redis Object-hash-mapping and more (Lua)
PHP-Resque Repository surfichris Port of Resque to PHP. (PHP)
phpRedisAdmin Repository phpRedisAdmin is a simple web interface to manage Redis databases. (PHP)
HighcoTimelineBundle Repository stephpy TimelineBundle is a Bundle which works with Symfony 2.* which provides a timeline for a subject as Facebook can do. (PHP)
Stdnet Repository lsbardel Redis data manager with advanced query and search API. (Python)
Retools Repository benbangert Caching and locking helper library. (Python)
Redback Repository Higher-level Redis constructs - social graph, full text search, rate limiting, key pairs. (Javascript)
Recurrent Repository pconstr A Redis-backed manager of recurrent jobs, for node.js (Javascript)
Amico Repository czarneckid Relationships (e.g. friendships) backed by Redis. (Ruby)
Redis Qi4j EntityStore Repository eskatos Qi4j EntityStore backed by Redis (Java)
Spring Data Redis Repository Homepage costinl Spring integration for Redis promoting POJO programming, portability and productivity (Java)
PHPRedMin Repository sasanrose Yet another web interface for Redis with multi-server support (PHP)
redis-tcl Repository bradvoth antirez Tcl library largely copied from the Redis test tree, modified for minor bug fixes and expanded pub/sub capabilities (Tcl)
Redis Desktop Manager Repository Homepage u_glide Cross-platform desktop GUI management tool for Redis (C++)
QRedis Repository tiagocoutinho Python, Qt based redis GUI (Python)
FastoRedis Repository Homepage topilski Cross-platform Redis, Memcached management tool. (C++)
Nydus Repository Homepage zeeg Connection clustering and routing for Redis and Python. (Python)
redis-mount Repository Homepage poying redis-mount lets you use Redis as a filesystem. (Go)
RPQueue Repository Homepage josiahcarlson RPQueue offers a prioritized, periodic, and scheduled task system for Python using Redis (Python)
rom Repository Homepage josiahcarlson Redis object mapper for Python using declarative models, with search over numeric, full text, prefix, and suffix indexes (Python)
RedisKeychain Repository Homepage codecreativity A Node.js library for streamlining the configuration and maintenance of your Redis namespace (Javascript)
phpRedExpert Repository Homepage EugeneFidelin phpRedExpert ia simple and powerful web UI for Redis databases and servers management, written in PHP and JavaScript. (PHP)
Hibernate OGM Repository Homepage mp911de gunnarmorling Hibernate OGM is the JPA integration for Redis (Java)
pyres Repository binarydud Python library inspired by Resque for creating background jobs and workers (Python)
Redis-RdbParser Repository Redis-RdbParser is a streaming parser for Redis RDB database dumps. (Perl)
Redset Repository percolate Simple, generic sorted sets backed by Redis that can be used to coordinate distributed systems. (Python)
Redsmin Repository Homepage fgribreau A fully featured Redis GUI for managing and monitoring Redis. (Web)
HOT Redis Repository stephenmcd Higher Order Types for Redis in Python (Python)
Redis Tree Repository fgribreau Load and save Trees to Redis using sets. (Javascript)
Redis-NaiveBayes Repository caio A generic Redis-backed NaiveBayes implementation (Perl)
Agentredrabbit Repository wingify Transport agent that moves data from Redis to RabbitMQ (Python)
Redtrine Repository redtrine Redis-based advanced PHP data structures (PHP)
Redis LUA Unit Repository redsmin Framework agnostic unit-testing for Redis Lua scripts (Lua)
Redis Info Repository fgribreau Redis info string parser for NodeJS (Javascript)
Redis tool Repository fgribreau Redis-tool - Little helpers for Redis (ztrim, del-all, rename) (Javascript)
redis-in-labview Repository iwac LabVIEW toolkit for Redis (LabVIEW)
RedisStudio Repository cinience Redis GUI tool for windows platform. (C++)
Keylord Homepage protonail Cross-platform administration and development GUI application for key-value databases like Redis, LevelDB, etc. (Java)
redispapa Repository Homepage no13bus RedisPAPA is a Redis monitor which watches `INFO` by using flask, angular, socket.io (Python)
Hangfire Repository Homepage odinserj An easy way to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring tasks inside ASP.NET apps (C#)
redis_builder Repository Homepage zhengshuxin A C++ Redis tool to create and manage a Redis cluster (C++)
huey Repository coleifer Simple multi-threaded Python task queue. Supports Redis. (Python)
walrus Repository coleifer A collection of lightweight utilities for working with Redis in Python. Includes ORM, autocompletion, full-text search, cache, locks, and more. (Python)
RedisPlatform Repository Homepage jacketzhong A rpc platform that base on Redis, You can use it to do a lot of things, it can be a game server (C)
RedisPlugin for Phalcon Repository ienagatoshiyuki RedisPlugin for Phalcon (The correspondence of MySQL sharding.) (PHP)
promise-redis Repository Use any promise library with node_redis. (Javascript)
Hedis Repository Homepage kewang Hedis can retrieve data from **ANY** database directly via Redis (C)
Redis plugin for ZeroBrane Studio Lua IDE Repository zerobrane Enables support for the Redis Lua API, provides remote script execution and debugging (Lua)
Rol Repository jasonpunyon A library that makes storing and working with data in redis as easy as declaring an interface. (C#)
Redis Explorer Repository leegould Windows desktop GUI client (C#)
rdb-parser Repository A simple Redis RDB file parser for Java (Java)
cheprasov/php-redis-lock Repository cheprasov84 RedisLock for PHP is a synchronization mechanism for enforcing limits on access to a resource in an environment where there are many threads of execution. A lock is designed to enforce a mutual exclusion concurrency control policy. (PHP)
redis-migrate-tool Repository diguo58 A convenient and useful tool for migrating data between redis groups. (C)
facil.io Repository Homepage bowildmusic facil.io includes an asynchronous Redis client as well as a RESP parser/formatter that can be used independently. It's MIT licensed and doesn't use hiredis. (C)
iodine Repository bowildmusic Iodine is an HTTP / Websocket server with native pub/sub support. Iodine includes an integrated Redis client that provides Pub/Sub scaling beyond machine boundaries. (Ruby)
Regis Homepage harfangapps Full-featured Redis client for the Mac, available on the Mac App Store. (Swift)
miniredis Repository Pure Go Redis server for Go unittests (Go)
noncis Repository Synchronizes nonces across node instances. (Javascript)
predixy Repository A high performance and full features proxy for redis, supports redis sentinel and redis cluster. (C++)
redis-browser Repository anandtrex Cross platform GUI tool for redis that includes support for ReJSON (javascript)
p3x-redis-ui Repository Homepage patrikx3 📡 P3X Redis UI that uses Socket.IO, AngularJs Material and IORedis with statistics, console - terminal, tree, dark mode, internationalization, multiple connections, web and desktop by Electron. Works as an app without Node.JS GUI or with the latest Node.Js version. Can test it at https://p3x.redis.patrikx3.com/. (javascript)
Redis Server Repository Homepage KemTekinay Cross platform GUI to spin up and control redis-server, included in the project (Xojo)
iredis Repository Homepage laixintao A Terminal Client for Redis with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting. (Python)
flask-redisboard Repository hjlarry A flask extension to support user view and manage redis with beautiful interface. (Python)
Rediseen Repository Homepage XiaodongDENG1 Start a REST-like API service for your Redis database, without writing a single line of code. (Go)
redis-stats Repository A lightweight dashboard to show statistics about your Redis server. Flushing databases is available when set in config. (PHP)
Lua Redis Admin Repository nbdanny Redis client tool, Redis web client, Redis web UI, openresty lor Lua (Lua)
RedisWebManager Repository Web interface that allows you to manage easily your Redis instance (see keys, memory used, connected client, etc...). (Ruby)
Reliable Message Delivery Repository PetrKozelek OriflameSoftware This library provides reliability to delivering messages via Redis. By design Redis pub/sub message delivery is not reliable so it can happen that some messages can be lost due to network issues or they can be delivered more than once in case of Redis replication failure. (C#)
River Repository A structured streaming framework built atop Redis Streams with built-in support for persistence and indefinitely long streams. (C++, Python)
Runnel Repository mjwestcott Distributed event processing for Python based on Redis Streams (Python)