ACL GETUSER username

The command returns all the rules defined for an existing ACL user.

Specifically, it lists the user's ACL flags, password hashes and key name patterns. Note that command rules are returned as a string in the same format used with the ACL SETUSER command. This description of command rules reflects the user's effective permissions, so while it may not be identical to the set of rules used to configure the user, it is still functionally identical.

数组: a list of ACL rule definitions for the user.


Here's the default configuration for the default user:

> ACL GETUSER default
1) "flags"
2) 1) "on"
   2) "allkeys"
   3) "allcommands"
   4) "nopass"
3) "passwords"
4) (empty array)
5) "commands"
6) "+@all"
7) "keys"
8) 1) "*"