The LATENCY LATEST command reports the latest latency events logged.

Each reported event has the following fields:

  • Event name.
  • Unix timestamp of the latest latency spike for the event.
  • Latest event latency in millisecond.
  • All-time maximum latency for this event.

"All-time" means the maximum latency since the Redis instance was started, or the time that events were reset LATENCY RESET.

@example:> debug sleep 1
(1.00s)> debug sleep .25
OK> latency latest
1) 1) "command"
   2) (integer) 1405067976
   3) (integer) 251
   4) (integer) 1001

For more information refer to the Latency Monitoring Framework page.


数组: specifically:

The command returns an array where each element is a four elements array representing the event's name, timestamp, latest and all-time latency measurements.