The LATENCY HISTORY command returns the raw data of the event's latency spikes time series.

This is useful to an application that wants to fetch raw data in order to perform monitoring, display graphs, and so forth.

The command will return up to 160 timestamp-latency pairs for the event.

Valid values for event are: * active-defrag-cycle * aof-fsync-always * aof-stat * aof-rewrite-diff-write * aof-rename * aof-write * aof-write-active-child * aof-write-alone * aof-write-pending-fsync * command * expire-cycle * eviction-cycle * eviction-del * fast-command * fork * rdb-unlink-temp-file> latency history command
1) 1) (integer) 1405067822
   2) (integer) 251
2) 1) (integer) 1405067941
   2) (integer) 1001

For more information refer to the Latency Monitoring Framework page.


数组: specifically:

The command returns an array where each element is a two elements array representing the timestamp and the latency of the event.