ACL LOG [count or RESET]

The command shows a list of recent ACL security events:

  1. Failures to authenticate their connections with AUTH or HELLO.
  2. Commands denied because against the current ACL rules.
  3. Commands denied because accessing keys not allowed in the current ACL rules.

The optional argument specifies how many entries to show. By default up to ten failures are returned. The special RESET argument clears the log. Entries are displayed starting from the most recent.


When called to show security events:

数组: a list of ACL security events.

When called with RESET:

字符串: OK if the security log was cleared.


> AUTH someuser wrongpassword
(error) WRONGPASS invalid username-password pair
1)  1) "count"
    2) (integer) 1
    3) "reason"
    4) "auth"
    5) "context"
    6) "toplevel"
    7) "object"
    8) "AUTH"
    9) "username"
   10) "someuser"
   11) "age-seconds"
   12) "4.0960000000000001"
   13) "client-info"
   14) "id=6 addr= fd=8 name= age=9 idle=0 flags=N db=0 sub=0 psub=0 multi=-1 qbuf=48 qbuf-free=32720 obl=0 oll=0 omem=0 events=r cmd=auth user=default"